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April 25, 2017

Cosmetic Dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC Keeps Veneers Bright

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If you’ve considered improving the overall look of your smile, visit your cosmetic dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC to discuss porcelain veneers. As dentists, we provide services to patients that transform smiles and lives. Dr. Virginia L. Gregory and her supporting office realizes that we can solve problems and challenges for our patients that give them the basic ability to smile again. Although this one thing may seem trivial, restoring your confidence and oral functionality holds unlimited worth to patients that have undergone our cosmetic treatments. If you’re considering revamping a smile that has several flaws, visit your cosmetic dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC first to discuss if porcelain veneers may be right for you.


March 15, 2017

How To Invest In Your Smile – Tips From Your Cosmetic Dentist In Mount Pleasant, SC

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Learn why you should invest your smile with this info from your cosmetic dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC. Did you know that most Americans think your smile is your most important physical feature? That’s just one reason that you should make sure your teeth represent you well. From success at work to better chances of finding Mr. or Miss Right, having a radiant grin can impact you more than you’d expect. So, if you’re ready to get the perfect smile you’ve been dreaming of, find out about the different treatments offered by the premier cosmetic dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC. In this post, Dr. Virginia L. Gregory explains how she can make you look younger, fill in chips, and correct alignment issues to give you the results you’re looking for.


February 14, 2017

Make Your Smile Healthy Again With A Dental Implant In Mount Pleasant, SC

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Did you know a dental implant in Mount Pleasant, SC can improve your oral health, in addition to making your smile look great? Find out more here! For longer than you’d like to admit, you’ve had a blank spot in your smile. You’re missing a tooth – but this is no big deal, since it’s only one pearly white – right? Wrong. No matter how many missing teeth you have, they negatively affect your existing dentitions. From making them more susceptible to breaks, to causing alignment problems, you need to fill in the gaps to keep the rest of your smile healthy. With a dental implant in Mount Pleasant, SC from Dr. Virginia L. Gregory, you can get your oral health – and your beautiful grin – back.


January 27, 2017

Cosmetic Dentist in Mount Pleasant SC Explains Bridge vs. Dentures

Want to find out if a Bridge or a Denture is the best option for you? Cosmetic Dentist in Mount Pleasant SC can help.

Missing or damaged teeth are an unpleasant reality, but fortunately there are options available to help restore your smile. Your cosmetic dentist in Mt. Pleasant, SC can work with you to create a bridge or denture that will enhance your natural features and revive your oral health. While a bridge or denture does the job of filling in the gap, it can also prevent your teeth from shifting and improve your ability to speak and chew. Whether you choose a bridge or a denture, each option functions differently and will depend on your unique needs and lifestyle.


November 14, 2016

Get Long Lasting Teeth Whitening in Mount Pleasant, SC

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How long does tooth whitening in Mount Pleasant, SC last?You give yourself one last check in the mirror before you’re out the door and you’re instantly frustrated. Your teeth, which were sparkling white less than a month ago, are now starting to look dull and yellow. This always happens when you use those store bought whitening kits. You need something that will last! What are your options besides eating everything with a straw (which actually doesn’t work)? Dr. Virginia L. Gregory wants you to know how you can get the lasting, sparkling smile you’ve always wanted with teeth whitening in Mount Pleasant, SC. (more…)

October 17, 2016

Smile Makeover with Your Dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC

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4 ways your dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC can transform your smile. You’re supposed to be walking through a clothing store, but all you can notice is how you are surrounded by a sea of white teeth. The pictures of the models wearing the clothes you want are all flashing that perfect, white smile. You take care of your teeth, you even brush them at work, but they don’t look anything like that. What can you do so your teeth can radiate just like theirs? Dr. Virginia L. Gregory, your dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC, has a few ways to help your teeth look beautiful. (more…)

September 16, 2016

Your Dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC on Your General Health

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A dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC talks about your overall healthEveryone has heard of the threat of cavities, tooth decay, and gum disease. The habit of brushing and flossing has been iterated to us for as long we can remember. Have you ever thought about how your oral health can impact the rest of your body, not just your mouth? Many doctors, including Dr. Virginia Gregory, a dentist in Mount Pleasant, SC, think you should take of your teeth and gums not just for your smile’s sake, but for the rest of you as well. (more…)

August 24, 2016

Stain-Resistant Smile with Porcelain Veneers in Mount Pleasant, SC

Dr. Virginia L. Gregory explains how porcelain veneers in Mount Pleasant, SC do not stain.According to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 99.7 percent of adults consider an attractive smile to be an important social aspect. Another 74 percent of adults believe an unattractive smile can hurt career prospects. Unfortunately, most of us do not have a naturally flawless smile. In addition, age-related factors, lifestyle choices, and oral habits further amplify a smile’s negative appearance. To resolve imperfections to the teeth, many now turn to porcelain veneers in Mount Pleasant, SC.

May 15, 2016

Choosing a Dental Implant Dentist in Mt Pleasant SC

All-On-4 dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth.Dental implants have been the most preferred option for tooth replacement for more than 35 years. With an average success rate of 95 percent, you’ll gain a complete smile that’s secure and permanent. Using a surgical procedure to insert the prosthetic teeth, you’ll have a long lasting solution to tooth loss that closely mimics your natural teeth. As a dental implant dentist, we offer dental implants in Mt Pleasant SC for single, multiple, and full mouth replacements.

April 5, 2016

For Root Canal Therapy, Mt. Pleasant Turns to Dr. Gregory

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root canal therapyRoot canal therapy is probably the most misunderstood procedure in dentistry. And that’s also why so many people fear a root canal. If you need a root canal, then you have nothing to fear. In fact, you should be afraid of not having one if you need it! A root canal preserves a tooth and eliminates the pain of an infected nerve inside your tooth. Dr. Virginia Gregory offers root canal therapy Mt. Pleasant, SC, residents need for a healthy smile.


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